House Specialties

All entrées are served with your choice of potato
(American fries, au gratins, baked, French fries, hash browns, mashed, or tater tots) and salad bar.
Sautéed mushrooms are an additional $1.00.
All prices include tax.

10 oz. USDA Choice Ribeye 22.25
8 oz. Petite Choice Steak 18.00
11 oz. Chopped Steak 17.00
Grilled Chicken Breast
2 – 6 oz. chicken breast grilled to perfection
Chicken Kiev
7 oz. chicken breast stuffed with garlic herb butter and lightly breaded served on a bed of wild rice
Surf N’ Turf
USDA Choice Top Sirloin and jumbo shrimp (deep fried or broiled)
Jumbo Shrimp (7)
You can’t go wrong with deep fried or broiled jumbo shrimp!
Walleye Filet
Minnesotan’s favorite deep fried, broiled or pan fried
One Filet 17.00 Two Filets 22.00

Al Carte

One Trip Salad Bar 5.50
Salad Bar 9.00
American Fries 3.50
Au gratins 4.50
Baked Potato 3.50
Hash Browns 3.50
Mashed Potatoes 3.50
Large Mashed Potatoes 10.00
Bowl of Soup 4.00
Bowl of Chili 5.25
Dinner Salad 3.75
Loaf of Dinner Rolls 5.00
Pint of Coleslaw 5.25
Pint of Cold Salad 5.25

Kid’s Corner

Fries Tots
Chicken Strips 6.25 6.75
Walleye Fingers 6.25 6.75
Mini Corn Dogs 6.25 6.75

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